Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrade in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs

Modern living relies on electricity like never before. When most Eastern Suburbs homes were built, there wasn’t a need for the vast amount of appliances we now rely on. Multiple televisions, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and gaming equipment, to name a few. If your switchboard is more than 20-years old, it may be time to investigate an electrical system upgrade.

The problem is that ageing and over-used electrical components can overheat. Add to this the degradation of insulation and your system is susceptible to short circuits resulting in damage to appliances, electric shock or even fire.

During a switchboard upgrade, we install new wiring and power points, breakers and — if your decor needs a refresh — new light fixtures. All this is in addition to increasing the power capacity of your Melbourne home to avoid overloading and see you into the next couple of decades.

During the planning process, we can take the time to understand your lifestyle, and specific needs, before tailoring a solution to meet them. In some instances we may suggest a separate circuit for essential appliances such as the water heater, fridge/freezer, security system or garage doors, making them less vulnerable to power outage.