Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance

Electrical Maintenance in Melbourne

A huge amount of gratification comes with owning your own home in Melbourne but that doesn’t mean it isn’t without its fair share of worries. Maintaining your domestic electrical infrastructure is of utmost importance to ensure that life remains not only sweet but safe.

We pride ourselves on our ability to foster long-lasting relationships with Melbourne families and individuals. The service and quality workmanship we provide means we become trusted advisors rather than a quick-fix solution.

Are you looking to upgrade your current system?

Modern living uses electricity at a startling rate. Most homes simply weren’t built for multiple televisions, mobile phones, laptops, tablets and gaming equipment. This is why, at some point, most homes will need their switchboard upgraded.

Ageing and over-used electrical components can cause overheating, or the degradation of insulation, making the system susceptible to short circuits, causing damage to appliances, electric shock or even fire.

In addition to increasing the power capacity to avoid overloading, an electrical upgrade involves installing new wiring and power points, breakers and, perhaps, even new light fixtures. We may even advise you to install a dedicated circuit to ensure that essential appliances — such as your water heater, fridge/freezer, security system or garage doors — are less susceptible to outage.

Electrical system efficiency checks

If receiving your electrical bill is enough to send you running for cover, an efficiency check to locate faults may be for you. We assess your wiring, breakers, power points, and appliances to ensure they are running safely and efficiently. Our detailed findings, and personalised advice, empowers Melbourne families and individuals to make informed and timely decisions that will save you money in the long run.

Periodic safety reports and audits are required for all rental properties. We also recommend home owners undertake this service in their own homes every two years.

Expect the unexpected

When unforeseen electrical problems occur, you need an Eastern Suburbs electrician who can spring into action. We offer emergency services to diagnose the issue, remove safety hazards and present you with a comprehensive list of long-term solutions. Because of our methodical and transparent approach, you’re not stuck with hefty, unexpected bills.