Exit and Emergency Testing

Exit and Emergency Testing

Eastern Suburbs Exit and Emergency Testing

Exit and emergency lights are crucial in the event of a serious incident in your commercial or multi-dwelling building. In the event of an evacuation due to fire, natural disaster, industrial accident or other incidents, exit and emergency lighting enables everyone to exit safely and swiftly.

Exit and emergency components are battery-backed lighting devices designed to engage automatically when a building experiences a power outage. They must be tested every six months for a total of 90-minutes in order to ascertain whether each device has the charge required to sustain the minimum running time required.

Due to the lengthy nature of this process, we have witnessed less reputable operators cutting corners that could ultimately put lives at risk. We take the time to conduct each and every test thoroughly.

What’s more, by irrefutably diagnosing the cause of any malfunction, we can provide the safest, most cost-effective solutions. We’ve seen countless instances where other electrical companies recommend a replacement unit when only a battery change is required. In this way we save our client’s money and prevent functional componentry from ending up in landfill.