About Us


We build long term relationships with our clients based on pillars of integrity, honesty, accountability, gratitude and care. When we are invited into our clients’ lives as a trusted advisor, the ease and effectiveness of our collaboration benefits both parties.

In this way — with working relationships that last years, not days — we have built a thriving and reputable business we are proud of.


More than standard electrical qualifications, our team members are selected on their attention to detail,  critical thinking abilities and problem-solving skills. With the utmost standards of safety a priority, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of building and construction, the ability to extrapolate requirements from technical plans and find elegant solutions for any electrical need. We go beyond compliance to work at a best-practice level.


Unlike many in our industry and beyond, we conduct our work with kindness, compassion, respect, generosity and amiability. It begins with open communication and short wait times, follows through to an friendly attitude onsite and the generous sharing of knowledge.

It extends all the way to leaving your home, or site,  spotless once the job is done.

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